Video tutorials are currently one of the most popular methods of providing information and training people across the world. It mainly involves communication between an instructor and the student via the medium of internet. Training videos in any form: Animation. Live action, whiteboard and more.The major driving force for the use of online training methodologies is the geographical distance between the student and the instructor. With easy access to the internet, it is now possible for a student to be instructed by an instructor who could be located in another part of the world. The benefits of video tutorials are numerous. Some of them are highlighted below:

Multiple options for training videos: View Video Price List 

  • Better service to customers

Making tutorial videos help a business better serve customers. By making a tutorial video of its product, businesses will be able to show its customers how its product works and how to put it together (for hardware).

A training video done for TEVA as video help for TEVA employees around the world.

  • It saves cost

Reduction in cost is the next but easily visible advantage as customers save on hiring a trainer, arranging a training room, employing a technician and other miscellaneous tasks. Though in video-based training, customers will save a reasonable amount of money that would have otherwise gone into hiring a technical know-how to help get the job done.

  • Uniformity and consistency

Consistency is what we forget most of the times as a major benefit of training videos. On being personally trained by different instructors, videos ensure that the same content is downloaded to all users. This is especially important for companies who have products whose usage needs to be taught. Though this content will be further explained and answered for various queries, at least uniformity is maintained when the same pictorials are seen by all users.

A training videos for disabled passengers arriving to Ben Gurion airport.

  • It gives an overview of a subject

Video tutorials can be long or short, but they’re typically short so that customers can find specific pieces of information very easily. It can give an overview of a topic or subject. When customers need to get the general idea of a topic, watching a tutorial of it can give them an idea of how products work.

Multiple options for training videos: View Video Price List 

  • Can be paused and saved for later

Just as you can fast-forward or rewind tutorials, unlike in class, customers can pause your tutorial lessons and come back to them later. This is beneficial for obvious reasons, especially if you’re using a longer tutorial or a tutorial set to learn how to do something more extensive. Training videos are the perfect tool as customers can view them when they have time and if they have any questions they can easily go back and refer to or re-watch that lesson.




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