Make Explainer Videos to Promote your Business!

Explainer Videos to Promote Business

If you visit business websites, you will notice the abundance of explainer videos used for the purpose of promotion. Many businesses will target various forms of video content ranging from tutorials, product information and frequently asked questions.

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The reason why there has been a drastic increase in explainer videos is because of the fact that they are interactive, concise and highly effective. You can deliver all kinds of information in a shorter period of time and limit the difficulties that a potential customer might have to face. Instead of thousands of words promoting your business, you could only have one video that does the same thing better and faster.

Explainer Videos to Promote your Business!

A great example of an animated explainer video for cyber solutions 

You may still ask why, exactly you should use explainer videos to promote your business?

Here are a few reasons:

It’s an elevator pitch!

You can call explainer videos your personal elevator pitch to thousands of internet users across the globe. It is a short amount of time in which you have to convince these users that using your product or availing your service will truly have a positive impact on their lives and routines.

You get a change you explain things by adding a personal touch that always resonates with the viewer.


Its fast

Making a good explainer video to promote your business lies in the time that you take. Overdrawn and lengthy videos can be discouraging for your business because of the lack of attention that will be paid to them. You will lose potential customers to a business that could give all the information needed in a shorter amount of time.


Great tool for websites

Often having an explainer video as a header can pay off very well for businesses. The first thing that people will look at is a video that will tell them everything they need to know. The longer they stay on your website the better it is for your business because that entails that their interest has been retained because of the video.


Explainer videos get around

Once the explainer video is out for the world to see, it is likely that it will be available over many platforms –often social media. This is great because it expands your target market exponentially and increases your brand name and image. Additionally, if it’s being shared then it is generating the buzz you need for increased sales and business growth.


It is great for all factions in a business

An effective explainer video to promote your business can be a tool you can use beyond the confines of promotion. Employees can be shown these videos as part of their training and managers, partners and stakeholders can be shown the video to keep them updated and to increase their knowledge and trust in the business.


They are strategic tools

Explainer videos are part of your marketing strategy. They help you build your name and establish yourself in a world of competitors. The timing of the release of your video and the design that you have chosen are decisions that could help you become successful. Thus, they are an example of the strategic sense your business exhibits.


Give us a try!

Lastly, sometimes it’s always better to hire the help of professionals. External bodies get acquainted with the company and its product/service, carry out market research and create the best possible video that proves to show positive results. Let us help you become successful. Reach  out to us and we will help you create the an exception explainer video to promote your business.


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