Popular Types of Explainer Videos

Types of explainer videos

 Explainer videos have proved to be one of the most effective avenues through which marketing for businesses can be carried out. They are an excellent return on investment that most companies opt for. Not only are they helpful in spreading brand name and increasing awareness, they come in many different types. You are bound to find a type that is tailored to your business. The most popular types of explainer videos are:

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Popular Types of Explainer Videos

  1. 2D Animation

One of the most popular style of explainer video is a 2D animation; it is cost effective. It only calls for a little amount of investment of money and time to be made as it requires basic skills and techniques to be used. While highly economical, it is also one of the most effective and engaging explainer video types out there.


  1. 2D Info-graphics Animation

A 2D info graphics animation is one for the customer. It is one of the most popular types of explainer video that businesses use to simplify a service of product; the way its used and how functions. It not only serves a promotional objective but also could be quite captivating for the viewers.

  1. 2.5D Animation

A 2.5D animation is one that involves aspects of 3D animation along with 2D. 2D animations are given an extra layer of movement so that they look more appealing and attractive to the viewers.

  1. 3D Animation

While 3D animation can prove to be heavy on the pocket, it is one type of explainer video that is sure to make people watch until the end. 3D explainer videos take a while to be designed and compiled. They give every design a feeling of being real and existing in 3rd dimensions.

  1. Animated Screencast

An animated screencast is the popular type of explainer video for companies that design apps and have website services. These are animated tutorials that teach the viewers how to use an app or website.

  1. Live Action

Live action videos are those that are recorded by a camera with the help or real life actors. Some companies may want elements of animation to be drawn in, others not so much. Unlike many others, this type of explainer video can be costly because of the need of a crew, shooting space, equipment, actors, operators and a logistics team. No matter the amount of work or cost, these videos add a personal touch to marketing which is always appreciated.

  1. Screencast

A screencast is the live recording of a particular website or service on the internet. It serves the purpose of a tutorial video since it informs viewers of how to operate websites and use a business’ services. Due to their low budget nature, many startups rely on them for introducing their brand.

  1. Typography

Typography is the narration of a story through inspiring words. Depending on the font used, the type of content created and the way the narration is done; it could be very effective in gaining the attention of the audience.

  1. Whiteboard Animation

Perhaps the most famous and popular style of explainer video is the whiteboard animation explainer video. It includes the drawing of images in front of a plain background in order to explain a concept or story. It includes the use of background music, jingles and even narration. It is relative low cost but a great return on investment.


No matter what type of explainer video you choose, we have experts who can aid the processes of its production. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll help you create the perfect explainer video for your business.

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