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Looking to create an awesome promotional video for your business? Want to get the find the price for your promotional video? With the cost-benefit that works best for you? You should check and compare the prices of your promotional videos.

View Promotional Videos Price list

The biggest challenge promotional videos are the price range can range from $200 per video to $10,000. Depends, of course, on the nature of the production and its complexity.

Most companies do not publish their price list on the web, and prefer to work closely with the customer offering a tailored solution at the right price.

We do publish our promotional video price list on our website. We create our animated promo videos in a structured process, with a large and permanent in house team. We’ve created hundreds of videos to date, and we know how to price the video creation process, so we know how to offer our customers a fixed price, everything included, regardless of the size of the business.

Our price for promotional videos, explanation and animation is free for all on our website.  Customers are asked to choose a price category from 10 different video price categories, and we always provide a video of the same quality, and a little more, to the video category that was ordered.

Our price categories range from $ 950 to a 1 minute video that includes all production steps. Writing an original script, building a custom storyboard, performing professional narration by our team of voice over artists, choosing background music from countless possibilities, and a creative animation and editing of the promotional video.

Welcome to take a look at the price list of our promotional videos, choose a video category that suits you best from 10 different categories, and lets us do the rest, with you.

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