Reasons to Create Explainer Videos for your Homepage

Explainer videos for homepage

If you look at businesses and their marketing, you will notice that most of them have explainer videos on their homepages of their websites.

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The benefit that they receive out of this is that the viewers are immediately drawn to the video which then tells them all that they need to know about the business, what inspired its creation, its motto and what it envisions the future to be like. This leaves a pleasant first impression that pleases the viewers. They get to know everything about the business in the shortest way possible. They don’t have to skim through the website to find what they are looking for because the video does it all in a matter of minutes. That is something you should strive to achieve!

So why should you exactly do Explainer videos for homepage?

Explainer videos have become a trend. If you feel like you are unsure at this particular moment in time, don’t worry! Let us tell you about the potential long term benefits it might bring to you if you do chose to go ahead with it.

  • It is conversational

The very best thing about the explainer video is its ability to be conversational. Unlike a long piece of text, a video is interactive. When the viewers are spoken to, it encourages a greater level of understanding and is considered to be less time consuming. Any sort of animation or creativity that you put into the video is sure to be well received because it is considered to be a unique and playful tone added to the idea of marketing. It could be this very video that helps in setting you apart from your competitors and ensuring that you are profitable!


  • You can’t stay behind the competition!

As this is such a successful tool of marketing and promotion, almost all businesses adopt such a method. You may think that by choosing not to opt for a video, you would be considered unique but the reality could be quite different. It could be this very minor difference that persuades a potential customer from switching to another brand. So in such a competitive field, it is important that you stay on par with fellow businesses.


  • It is more focused

When creating an explainer video, it is important to note that the attention span of the regular human is decreasing. This can be attributed to many things in society on of which is technology. It have completely increased the pace of life which is why people tend to turn away from things that may sound or look like they are time consuming.


Thus with this understanding, you should move towards creating a video that merely gives the viewers what they need to opt for your product or service than someone else’s. You should introduce the business; its inspiration, its method of production and the objective it wishes to achieve in the future. A short and simple introduction will prove your credibility to the potential customer. You should also refrain from using jargon and opt for language that is easily understood by many across the world so that you don’t confuse the viewers and leave them scratching their head. The best videos are those that are to the point and playful while achieving the former.


  • The Return on Investment is great!

The return on investment for things like explainer videos is so great because of a multitude of reasons!


  • The production and editing of the video is a small price to pay for the massive consumer base it will help to bring due to its easy and cooperative nature.
  • Videos are the most popular tool for marketing because they leave an impression in the minds of the viewers. They are more likely to recall your brand because of a jingle you may have in the background or because of a phrase that you use of because of the style of the entire video itself
  • Through videos you can get the audience to participate with you. With phrases like, ‘tell us what you think in the comments below’ can give you feedback from which you can learn. You can even include polls at the end that could help with market research for the next product/service you might want to introduce.
  • You can see how successful you are by the amounts of views you get. This way you can learn what the upcoming trends are and can take advantage of the hype that surrounds them.


  • It has a great impact on factions of the business

An explainer video is great for most of the departments of a business. The investors and partners are aware of the principles that the business wants to uphold and through the video can decide whether this is the right business for them to invest in. The fact that it can measure success, as mentioned above, could be a comforting tool for all the partners involved as well. It could guide them to make more informed decisions in the future.


Even the in-house employees benefit from explainer videos, especially when they are newly hired. They don’t have to spend too much time in training because watching the video could summarize everything for them. Thus they could get to the real work fast and even boost up the productivity of the business in the longer run.



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