Should You Choose a Male or Female Voice in Your Explainer Video?

An explainer video often comes with a voiceover that accompanies the content of the video. The voiceover explains what’s going on and keeps the viewer hooked with more than just the visuals. The voiceover is just as important as the content of the video in most cases as it gives the viewer an elaboration of the basic information being conveyed via the video.

Explainer Video Pricing 

The voiceover sets the tone for the video and amplifies its message, making it imperative to select the right voice. If you want a voice that’s cool and collected, going for a female voiceover artist is your best bet. However, in many situations you might need a balance. Male voiceover has its own unique qualities and in certain situations you might need to favor it above female voiceover. Let’s take a look at the situations you need to consider.

The Character Style

The first thing you need to check is the style of the characters in your video. You need to see if the characters are feminine or masculine. The voiceover for a video should be appropriate to the styles of the characters and you need to match your voiceover with the video based on the qualities and the style of your characters.

Your Audience

Often advertisements are not meant for all the public. Instead, they are targeted towards a certain group of people or even a certain gender. Think about female oriented products such as makeup or sanitary pads. For such products and similar advertisements or informational videos, you will want the viewer to feel connected to the video they are watching. For that, you will need to choose a female voice for your video as it will allow the connection you want to be built easily. Similarly, for a male oriented video, you will need to think in the same fashion.

Your Company’s Identity

Certain companies have their own voice, their own identity. Think of Gillette. It’s a company that’s always been about male products and has always utilized men in its advertisements. Hence, if Gillette was to develop an Explainer video, a male voiceover is what they would go for. Similarly, you need to see what the voice of your company is and choose a voice that is appropriate for that. A company with a female identity should not have a male voice in its explainer videos.

The Availability of Voiceover Artists

The final aspect you need to consider is the availability of voiceover artists. Whilst looking in a pool of female artists, you will need to find the one that fits the billing of your company. Anyone else might not be able to get the tone that you desire. The availability of voiceover artists is the final factor in determining your choice since you can’t normally wait for people to get free. Make sure you select the best option from what’s available to you.


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