So what is the right length for a marketing video?

Marketing videos are now everywhere, serving the company for multiple tasks. Marketing Videos has proven to be the best tool for marketing brands, products or services. One of the questions that always arises IS what should be the best length that suits for your video and holding the attention of viewers without boring them?

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Marketing videos for company introduction,

Introduction videos are required where you need to introduce your product or company, so the duration of these videos should be around of one to two minutes.  Your focuses should be more on explaining information or about the business and its benefits. It should have Emotional appeals that can motivate viewers to learn more about a brand or business.

A sample marketing video we did for the internet of things for triple T

Marketing videos for presenting products and services

Marketing videos for presenting product and services should be entertaining and engaging. You can achieve this through your content and have better chance to capture and hold the attention of viewers. Consumers are more interested in watching videos that are related to your product for a longer time than about your company. By watching product videos they’re going to decide whether or not to make a purchase or make a call.

A marketing video we did for Cellebrite leading product line:

Marketing videos for an offline mission like business meetings, conferences, etc

Info-graphics are perhaps the most powerful way to visually communicate bottom line business value in a business meeting, conferences, etc.

Defining the right length should be defined by the objective of the video:

  1. An Online video targeting high conversions – provably the right length is 60-120 sec.

These videos are of an informative kind and are produced to illustrate your customers about your product or service and the founders explaining about the company and its objectives. 5% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute and 60% by 2 minutes. The best video lengths are between 60-120 seconds. After that, the engagement rate drops off heavily.

  1. Product or service information to prospects and customer can be 60-180 sec.

These are informative videos containing formation or tutorial about the product or service. The main objective of these is not only to explain how these works, But to show how simplify it is to use them. For these two minutes video works well.

  1. Business presentation and frontal presentation should also be 120-180 sec.

The main objectives of these videos are for crowd funding or business needs and are required to create credibility about the project. These are mainly created where the organizer wants to explain the objective of the project to the project to the investors and need to show the product, design process, etc. In crowd funding project text part is much, so it becomes easy for the Investor to get the contents using videos. Two minute videos are usually too short to explain while five to six minute videos are too long, even for the engaged audience.

  1. Training videos recommended length will be 160-300

For training videos or for educational purposes you need to cover maximum content into the video but also from point to point. Although it is important to make it short if possible, but more important here is to attain the objective which is to train or educate the viewer.

The wordcount for 60 sec is likely to be 130-140 words. When planning the video, the word count is the best indication on the length of the video.

With an average reading speed, our voice actors can read about 2 words per second. This means that on average they can read 130-140 words per minute. That is also not fixed, and depending on the different reading speeds for each voice actor and emphasized words, and pauses in each script.

In case where you have more information to present, it is recommended to create for shorter videos, and to break the brief to few relevant topics or products.

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