The power of explainer videos in education

Explainer videos in education

The educational sector is predominantly rules by the use of text. It has been this way throughout history. However, times are changing. Due to the fact that videos have been proven to be more impact, a change in the way information is relayed is observed. Their nature of being creative, interactive, conversational and memorable have been the reason why many individuals and businesses are creating explainer videos for the purpose of education.

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The power of explainer videos in education

They create websites and channels on YouTube that serve the purpose of giving the viewers videos on any topic or area of expertise. Especially convenient for students of History, such videos serve as a godsend. They give information in a manner that is easy to listen to and absorb. It allows students to be more productive and engaged in their course material.

Creating such videos is not only profitable but they are also creating a new system of education that may be more useful in the longer run. As their nature is so expansive, it allows for great progress to be made in eLearning as such a system expands to different hierarchies of the educational system. They can be used in schools, universities, organizations and municipal/commercial companies. They are great to:

  • Give information
  • Explain difficulties
  • Encourage creativity
  • Provide training to workers
  • Keep individuals up to date
  • Maintain interest

However, despite these benefits the real power of explainer videos in education are as follows:

  1. They are engaging and fun

No matter what age the video targets it will retain attention. Studies have proven that educational videos tend to be received better than going through overwhelming pages of text. Not only are videos time efficient but they don’t allow students to feel like watching them may be a lot of work. They even have the option of watching the whole video again if they feel that they did not grasp the concept the first time. Doing that would not take as much time as re-reading an entire article itself. Their creative nature (due to the various styles of video production adopted) keeps the viewer from closing the video as they start to enjoy what they are watching and by extension learning.


  1. They are dramatic

By virtue of the fact that there are many types of explainer videos that you can create, you can be as dramatic as you want when presenting the information at hand. The visuals can be quick and dispersed or slow and transitional depending on the kind of mood that you want to create. The use of a wide range of colors or a lack of color can also add to the identity of the video you are aiming to create and its effect on the individual watching. On one hand you can use animation for the entirety of the video or you can opt for a live performance or presence that would relay the information. No matter what you choose, these video are ideal to retain the attention of the students.



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