The Right Way to Use Video Content : Use More Than One Video

If you want to branch out to new customers then video content is the best way to do so. With the help of these, you can easily access your target market because the use of the internet is so wide. Almost everybody uses social media sites and prefers to know about a brand through websites. Although, one must keep in mind to use video content in the right way and the right way is to create as much content as possible.

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Case Study

See this series of videos for one customer – Triple T – who believes in video content:


People constantly want new content

You cannot expect to raise maximum potential customers by just one video which is revolving around everywhere for a long time. These videos get shared from one person to another so do not expect that it will still remain new. It will not. People constantly want new content and only when they receive it, they remain interested otherwise they start losing it.

Now you must be wondering that what topics you should touch when making video content. The topics might seem very restricted but you can actually do a lot of creative things when it comes to using video content. One of the topics you can touch is the industry. You can use video content to make the customers aware of how the entire industry where your brand lies runs and why your brand is the best among that industry.

Another topic which you can elaborate on your video content is the trends and the target market. For trends, you can make technical videos which show trends in the form of charts and explain the changes over time. For the target market, you can make a nice fun video in which you will focus on targeting the types and age groups of potential customers that you are looking for and create the video in such a way that this is clearly seen.

Customers love brands which give them importance

Moreover, you can also include different threats and opportunities linked to your brand. It will make the consumers know your brand on a more personal level. Most importantly you should include personal opinions which will portray your brand as an honest brand which cares about their customers a great deal. Customers love brands which give them importance so this will surely drive a lot of attention towards your brands because, at the end of the day, customers make a brand great so one must take care of them.

Expert opinions

Another topic that you can touch is expert opinions. Let’s take the example of sports brands, using athletes in their videos gives us the impression that the brand actually knows what they are doing so it must be good. Expert opinions matter a lot to customers. Furthermore, how-to videos are always an option that must never be left out because these are very helpful to the customers and improve their overall buying experience greatly. Additionally, videos which have statistics and research give your brand and product a very firm ground and adds much more authenticity to it. So as we can see there are many different topics you can talk about and keep on creating content.

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