This is why your explainer videos are not working

Why your explainer videos are not working

In anything we do, we may experience a slump. This can be true for humans and for corporations as well. After you produce countless explainer videos, you may notice that they aren’t doing the trick anymore. You may feel like they are not proving to be as impactful as the previous ones uploaded.

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While we remain confident that every video will work to a degree, there are ground rules that have been established that serve as a guideline of what to refrain from doing. And this is it:

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Explainer videos are not working?

  • Always create a video in accordance of your target market.

If you create a video that does not sit in the same mind frame as your target market, you are essentially wasting weeks’ worth of time, effort and money. This is because the video you have created is either not understood by the viewers or they are simple not interested because they are looking for something entirely different. Thus it is always important to know who your target market is and what their interests are. This si where market research comes in handy and is advisable for every business before moving towards promotion.


  • Give viewers a reason to continue watching

If the first few seconds of your video fail to interest your viewers then your explainer video has essentially failed. In order to ensure that their attention and interest is retained throughout the course of the video. Make sure that your first 10 seconds of your video are captivating and show to the viewers that you are the business that will cater to their needs. Keep is short, concise and creative!


  • Highlight the expectations

The reason for the explainer video should be apparent to the viewers. If you have created the video to generate the maximum number of like, not only do you have to create it in a manner that would generate a lot of views but you also have to let the audience know to spread the word. Similarly, if you want to create a buzz, the best thing would be to ensure that this intention is clear to the viewers. Perhaps you could catch onto a trend or align yourself to a movement that would create the buzz you need. So it is always good to highlight your expectations.


  • Don’t try too hard

Often business try to seem more funny and quirky because they feel that that is what people want from these short videos. The idea of hilarity is quite subjective, not all people will think you are being funny. Some might even lose their interest in the video because they feel like you were trying too hard. On the other hand, you could also lose the purpose if you focus on the funny too much, the promotion of your business, then, can get lost.

  • Hire someone!

If you feel like you are losing your touch, there is no shame in hiring a company to do the job for you. Companies, like ours, are specialized in this field. We always keep up with trends and carry out frequent market research to determine the changes in preferences and likes. Thus, we may be able to help you and your business significantly more.

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