Top 3 Pros and Cons for using Stock videos in Explainer Videos

As a production company, we have created over a 1000 explainer videos for businesses in all sorts of industries that target diverse niche markets. No matter the type of content required, the type of explainer video needed or the method of production that needs to be used, we have experts that can cater to all kinds of needs and demands.

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The best explainer video is one that is just as successful in persuasion as it is captivating. The best thing can also be the use of using stock in explainer videos. This is a method that our experts have been successful in adopting; they can ensure that every piece of stock footage that is taken is tailored according the image of your brand. It suits your marketing campaign perfectly.

A great sample for stock footage video with a graphic layer

Our belief is, any video that combines 2D animations and motion graphics together, regardless of whether you are using stock footage, is a perfect video. It has the two basic ingredients needed for an effective and impressive explainer video for any business. There are many opinions about using stock video in explainer videos, both positives and negatives.

The pros of using stock video in explainer videos are:

  1. Great Availability

The best thing about using stock footage as part of your explainer video is the expanded availability of diverse clips in the market. The stock footage market has increased substantially in size; this resulted in the availability of clips that cover all topics, contain different kinds of content, target every niche market and can be applied to any and every industry.

  1. Cost-effective

Another benefit of using stock footage is the fact that, in comparison to other alternative, using stock can be much cheaper. It does not require the creation of a storyboard from scratch, the design of the animation or even the intensive shooting of a live action explainer video. All you have to do is obtain the footage, make a few changes and its ready to go.

  1. Quick

Since all you have to do is obtain the video, the production process is fairly simple. It includes the involvement of a small number of people. Even the slight alterations that need to be made are quick in nature.

The cons of using stock video in explainer videos are:

  1. No Exclusivity

The fact that the same stock footage is available to other businesses and individuals is what can be a negative aspect for some people. The idea is, your brand loses its unique edge if it uses stock footage. Unless the video is edited and changed, you cannot personalize it.

  1. Could be Costly

While there are many websites that offer royalty free stock footage, the reality is that you may even end up spending more than what you planned or your budget allowed. This is because higher quality clips are often more expensive.

  1. Limited

The reality is, there are many markets that are new and unique. On a broader scale, there may not be stock footage for every type of work or business out there in the world. Some may just have to create their own. Even if they find something that is related to their field, it may not be the right fit for the business.



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