Using Stock Footage in Explainer Videos

 All over the world, businesses invest large sums of money into the shooting, editing and creation of a live action or animated explainer video. While that can seem like the best thing to do, the exact same effect can be achieved in less money through the use of stock footage in explainer videos.

Stock Footage in Explainer Videos – More Awesome Examples  

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The stock footage market has grown so much that there are various websites that you can go to online to find the perfect clip. This clip, or set of clips, could harmonize with your brand name and image after some editing and additions, if not instantly. No mater your industry, no matter the kind of target market and no matter the product of service, a little bit of customization is all you need.

One of our latest stock footage video

If you chose the right stock footage for your explainer video, it can make your business look like one of the giants. You could even gain a reputation for excellent marketing campaigns. All you have to do is find the right clip to use in your explainer video.

Over the years, because of the progress of the market, and the increase in demand, some websites even offer free clips to customers. You may find that some slips, or sets of clips, are royalty free. This means that they are cheaper or, in some cases, completely free. If you feel like you need a more corporate identity that revolves around excellent quality work, you can choose from a higher resolution and quality group of work.

When deciding on a using stock footage in explainer videos, be mindful of the following things:

  1. The cost of the footage

When you have decided that using stock footage in explainer videos is the way to go for your business, the next step is to figure out your budget. You should set out an amount you are willing to spend on a footage, depending on the quality you desire.


  1. The overall look of the video

The idea is to make the explainer video look homogenous. You should focus on color grading the entire video closer to the stock footage so that it feels like it is part of your campaign and creation. It should have the same type of people, similar, if not the same, voices and even the content should be coherent.


  1. Quality of the footage

When choosing an explainer video, the quality is what should matter the most. This is not to say you should drain out your finances or even opt for the best resolution out there. The idea is to work smartly; choose stock footage in your explainer video that fits with your business story line, product style and target market. Additionally, you should also not compromise quality in the favor of getting cheap footage.


  1. Action in footage

Opt for a footage that is dynamic to look at. It should be attention grabbing and fascinating to watch so that it retains the attention and interest of the viewer. A captivating footage could be the very aspect that promotes your brand name and identity.

If you feel like all the choosing and alterations are an overwhelming task, contact us. We can transform any and all kinds of videos into appealing explainer videos. All you have to do is contact us and our experts will help guide you towards the use of the best option of stock footage in explainer videos.



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