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3D Animation Company

Welcome to Video Guru! 3D Animation Company. We produce 3D animation videos and high-quality visualization projects at unmatched prices.

Since 2014, we have produced over 1,000 videos for leading organizations and companies around the world. We specialize in producing high-quality 3D animation and visualization videos, along with a wide variety of 2D animation styles.

Pricing     3D Animation – Latest Work

With a permanent, high-quality, and dedicated team of 25 professionals, we offer a unique DNA in 3D animation production with a built-in and accurate video creation process right down to the smallest details and fixed prices published on our website.

3D Animation and Visualization Videos: Leave Competitors Behind

We offer a wide variety of 3D video styles to help your brand stand out. With the amazing capabilities of our animation team, together with the use of advanced digital tools and technologies, we fulfill every request, meet every marketing challenge, and provide the perfect solution for every client.

Our Best Videos – All Showreels

The quality of our marketing, writing, illustrations, and design for each video, along with professional editing and animation, cannot be replicated at the prices we offer.

We create high-quality 3D animations for a variety of marketing tasks.


We create stunning 3D characters based on the nature of the brief and the video. We can create original, 100% customized characters for you or create characters from a reference image, such as an executive or a corporate employee.

We would love to create 3D videos with unique characters specifically for you to increase engagement with viewers, video shares, and brand loyalty.

Backgrounds and Visualizations

We would be happy to provide visualization for any topic you request. To date, we have created a wide range of visualizations for the fields of transportation, urban infrastructure, science and medical imaging, manufacturing, and advanced technology.

We offer designs based on existing product drawings from your CAD files, or we can create an idea from scratch to meet your challenges with uniform quality and spectacular visibility.


We offer walk-through animations flying or walking through architectural spaces, residential neighborhoods, commercial buildings, or industrial areas while moving between the spaces and hallways of the model.

We love to leverage work designed on 3D programs such as SolidWorks and give the video a dynamic sense of motion, making the perfect presentation for real estate and architecture projects.

Let us transform for you a static illustration or sketch with a high-quality video with its own reality and ability to impress in the most interesting way.

Competitive Pricing

We offer very competitive pricing for visualizations and animations. We offer several finishing levels for our 3D videos, and we would be happy to make a personalized offer once we understand your needs and goals.

Super-Fast Production

With experience creating over 1,000 videos and a built-in video creation process, we offer record turnaround times for 3D video production. We can execute the entire video production in about eight to ten weeks from receipt of the brief.

The video is produced in several stages, with each stage submitted to you for comment or approval before proceeding to the next step. We offer collaboration and welcome customer feedback throughout the production stages so that we can reach the end result to complete customer satisfaction.

More Engagement and Less Video Abandonment

More than any other video style, 3D animation and visualization can better connect with customers, encourage a high average viewing time, and significantly lower the percentage of video abandonment.

Investing in a 3D animation video will increase your video viewing statistics by any parameter and any scale, allowing for a better return on investment than with any other alternative.

The Main Audiences for 3D Animation Videos

3D Animation videos are suitable for every field and every industry as long as the client appreciates the quality of the video and is willing to pay for the quality that a 3D video offers.


Healthcare and medical companies constantly need videos that present medical processes, internal body systems, body parts in motion, and medical solutions clearly and pleasantly.


High-tech companies in various product development stages seek to present their products and services in a futuristic environment at maximum quality. In many cases, they invest in 3D videos to differentiate their technology and present the future as perceived by the company.


For rail networks, road networks, and urban and inter-urban planners, 3D videos and simulations have a significant advantage. They present the projects’  final stages with the aim of raising funds, obtaining the appropriate permits, and simulating future realities where possible.

Training and Distance Learning

Complex and lengthy tutorials require high-quality animation to allow for extended viewing time. Certainly, given the budget for the project, 3D animation will deliver a better, more appropriate, and a wider range of training materials than other solutions.

Product Manufacturing

Manufacturers in different stages of product development want to introduce their final products. We can create videos for products in the planning stage or that have been released and require different basics and apps.

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We would love to understand your challenges and marketing environment and offer the highest quality 3D videos.

Contact us. We would love to create your next 3D animation.

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