What’s the Best Way to Make an Explainer Video for your Business?

The best explainer video

The use of explainer videos, in the recent years, has increased exponentially. This is because of the degree of utility they provide for a business; they are effective in introducing, explaining and promoting your product or services.

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There are many ways you can go about creating an explainer video for your business. You may ask however, ‘what can I do to ensure that ours is unique?’ Here are a few tips that can help you create the best possible video:

The best explainer video – Keep it short and quick!

The reason why businesses opt for explainer videos is because of their ‘to the point’ nature. Your potential customers will not have to scroll down looking for information on various websites and such; instead, all they have to do is watch a short clip.

If you are pitching the idea and concept behind the creation of a business, try doing it in 90 seconds or less. This gives you ample time to explain what makes your business unique all the while retaining the attention of the viewers.

See a good example of an explainer video designed with digital inspiration

They are highly effective!

Research has also proved that of all those surfing the internet, at least 95 percent of these users have watched one of these videos at some point or the other. This is proof that your target market is expands drastically if you choose to create an explainer video for your business.


A good explainer video is one that is shared a lot!

If you have piqued the interest of a viewer, you have gained a potential customer. Additionally, your video has also paved an opportunity for your business to be promoted. If a viewer likes your video, they are more likely to share is so that they can inform others of your product or services. Thus as you keep gaining shares, the efficacy of your video keeps increasing.


You viewers will take action!

You know that the explainer video is right for your business if you see actual sales materializing. This means that the video was successful is persuading the viewer of what makes you a unique business, the need for them to have your product or avail your services as well as your credibility.


They build brand awareness!

Once your explainer video is out for the world to see, you are positively contributing towards the creation of a brand image and helping increase its awareness. Due to your exaggerated market base, your products and services are more likely to be known by many across the globe. This creates opportunities for your brand to grow bigger through the generation of more sales.


They are a great Return on Investment!

You may be discouraged by the short term cost of the creation of the explainer video for your business. In the long term, explainer videos will surely ensure that the money spent does not go to waste. It brings benefits like increased sales, promotion and brand name; the three things necessary to ensure that your business survives and grows.


Hire a guru!

Some may not simply have the time to undergo such a project. Or they may want to focus on other aspect of their business. In such situations, you can always hire an explainer video guru, like us, who can do the work for you. We will ensure that the video is made in accordance to business objectives and is best suited for your target market.


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