Why Explainer Videos are great for Transportation?

An explainer video is a brief but informative video that explains a concept or a product.  They are usually around 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Animated explainer videos are highly engaging and useful as they attract customers to your site and help you in explaining the key benefits and features of your products. Research shows that the average user only spends 1-20 seconds on a site if they are not compelled to stay longer. Thus, the initial 10 seconds are the most crucial for providing a reason to the user by precisely setting out your proposition.

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Text and graphic ways cannot be accommodated to attract customer attention in this short time. In addition, it is stated that visual information is processed and remembered better in the long run than textual or graphic information.

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Consequently, companies need to use better and faster ways to engage customers in their products. Explainer videos will not only do this but will also give companies a competitive advantage. Companies will need to accept that text and audio is not as effective as other non-verbal communication methods. Explainer videos will also be able to influence a large number of the audience.

Uses of Explainer Videos

Animation explainer videos are best suited for businesses that find it difficult to sell and present a product through other types of videos or promotional methods. For transportation companies like Land Transport Authority that looks after planning and maintaining transport infrastructure in Singapore, it is difficult to present the ideas in a textual manner. Thus, they use explainer videos to connect with the public.

Explainer videos can also feature real-life demonstrations to relate with the people and give them a sense of familiarity. The transportation companies can easily incorporate their infrastructure concepts and plans into a short video by breaking it down into distinct sections. They can increase their customer base by creating an exclusive and special atmosphere that engages them. For instance, traffic growth can be shown easily in an animated video. The explainer video can include information on customer problems and benefits of the company. Virtually, they can include any type of information that they want with these videos.



Explainer videos correctly visualize the strategies and concepts and explain them in a short and brief video. The complex business message is summarized and simplified into a short video. They also employ motion graphics which include modern smart design and exceptional animation. Footage with info graphics is accommodated into the video to present a realistic plan with unparallel quality. If you need concepts to be explained properly and in detail, white animation can be used. Explainer videos are fast and efficient and can be used for almost every industry.  The information they use is easily digestible and accessible from anywhere. Moreover, it saves extra time as it relays the important concept in less than 3 minutes compared to reading articles or textual information which can be lengthy and time-consuming.

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