Why explainer videos are vital to start-ups?


A Visual form of communication is one of the best and fast ways that our brain recognizes. For startups, it is as twice important to explain the business idea’s flawlessly and swiftly. The explainer videos make the perfect pitch to explaining your product or service in fun and entertaining way in seconds of times.

Best explainer videos are those which can efficiently communicate the main concept of your product and be as an ad for it.

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So why explainer videos for start-ups are so important?

Start up in the early stages still don’t have solid marketing documentation

Startups have their own vision on which they are working. But when it comes to explaining their big and promising vision they find it sometimes difficult to convince other with their ideas. They have an idea about, what they are having and what all they want to change, But no strategy to explain how they will achieve it.

View a recent explainer video we did for a promising startup: Covercy.

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They need the marketing videos for start-ups to introduce strategy to potential investors

Startups are unable to explain their value proposition to investors efficiently. Explainer videos are important for startups to create credibility, as the explainer video provides concrete evidence about you and your company, not only this it also provides evidence of your commitment towards the company, the product, and the audiences. Explainer videos not only explain but also create a positive impact on investors.

If they plan to raise money in kickstarter or on any other crowd funding platform, they must need a video.

To raise money in kickstarter or on any other crowd funding platform form you need to explain and demonstrate , what all you have best? Why you are above the fray. Explainer videos are the best way to explain all theses, as they emotionally engage your visitors and display your brand qualities and culture in short span of time. It not only shows what you are creating but also let the visitors known about the people behind these products.

In the early stage of marketing, they need the same video to get to market faster and better.

Explainer video developed in the early stage of a startup is not just confined till the investors or to your site. In fact, is used in marketing faster about the product or service using free video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, or promoting in social media.

Start up tend to create a variety of video styles, motion graphics is probably the most popular video style for startups.

Startups need to explain their business idea’s flawlessly and swiftly, for this motion graphic is one of the best ways to explain business ideas using graphic designs. Motion graphics uses graphic elements to communicate a message using stylish movements. Motion graphics are the best way to explain conceptual or complex concepts in a colorful way, using funny approaches. A startup from a technical or financial industry can utilize the service in brand strengthening and engagement. It works well with startups.

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