Why Startups Love making Explainer Videos with us

We live in a highly competitive world; with the market being flooded by the created of hundreds of brand every single day, it becomes important for startups, specifically, to establish a unique selling point. This will help them survive the competition as well attract customers which will ensure their survival and growth.

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In recognition of the difficulty of setting yourself apart from the rest, we have dedicated ourselves and our services to startup businesses like yours. We want to ensure that your message, story, objectives and product/service is promoted in an efficient and effective manner. We want to ensure that the entire process is done simply, uniquely and successfully.

Video Guru specializes in explainer videos for startups as well as established businesses. However, particularly for startups, we offer the following benefits and services:

  1. A Great Price

As a startup we recognize that there is a limited budget for everything; including marketing. Thus, we understand that you may not be able to have a luxurious budget for things like explainer videos. This is exactly why we have adjusted our priced to ensure that they will be in sync with your allocated finances. We pride ourselves in ensuring that a great price, without the compromise of quality, is offered to startups.


  1. Tech-Savvy

In order to be in the creative business of making explainer videos, we must understand the way technology functions and know how to use it appropriately. At Video Guru, we have professional animators, graphic designers, content generators, script writers and even project managers. All our personnel are experts in their field, thus are well acquainted with technology and how to use it to create an excellent product.


  1. Transparency

Here, at Video Guru, we believe in making every single process as easy as possible. Therefore, we don’t believe in complicated price structures that include hidden extras and additional charges. We, instead, offer an all-inclusive deal; a fixed budget and a strict production process that ensures that the brief is met, it is on time and that it is within your budget.


  1. A Great Explainer Video

Over the years, we have created thousands of explainer videos for businesses –we even created explainer videos for startups that went onto growing into well established businesses. With so much experience, there is absolutely no sector or industry that is alien to us. No matter what market you cater to, you can count on us to create an excellent explainer video for you. Additionally, the fact that we have experts who can create any type of explainer video you want is what is attractive to many businesses. You could opt for animation, live action, typographic or a simple tutorial video; we can do it all for you.

Video Guru is the place to go to get flawless explainer videos for startups and even established businesses. Contact us, set up a meeting and work on a brief that you can give us so that we can get started making your business’ explainer video.


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