7 secrets to improving Lead generation with Promo Videos

Lead generation with promo videos

It is not a big secret that building robust sales pipelines, attracting prospects, and generating sales leads are the building blocks to the success of a business.

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It might seem a secret to many but it is possible for these objectives to be accomplished. A lot of organizations these days are struggling to execute dependable lead generation strategies which produce consistent results.  There are some fundamentals which are considered to be secrets to improving the lead generation using promo videos.

Campaign the landing pages

The landing pages are developed for conversion. However, you will first need to grab the attention of the visitors before getting them to convert. This is why the primary purpose of promo videos on the landing pages is to be engaging and catchy. Videos help lure people in using a captivating storyline and creativity especially given the fact that a viewer watching the video is 12 times more likely to happen than them reading the text.


Educational content

When videos are high-quality pieces of content such as a webinar, they are more likely to help in lead capture. This can be seen in the stand-alone pieces of content. These videos will mostly be accompanied by email gates meaning the viewers will not be able to see the content unless the contact information is filled. Webinars are an excellent example where you can put this into practice since they tend to offer high-quality and valuable content that is specific to a particular topic.

Interactive product videos

Product videos are produced commonly because they tend to be the most frequently viewed videos. Using them for capturing leads will give your website much more interaction and lead to better results.

Defining the audience and understanding the kind of videos that will work for you

For creating effective promo videos, you will first be needed to define your target audience. You need to understand their needs and demands. Once you have defined the audience, it will become easy for you to get an idea about the videos that will get better results from them in terms of attracting visitors and engagement.

Determining the appropriate video length

For boosting lead generation, creating videos of the optimal length is extremely essential. According to the data collected, a YouTube video’s optimal length would be between 3 and 3.5 minutes.

Some people think the ideal length of any video depends on that video’s purpose but it is recommended to keep the length between two and five minutes.


Embed videos in the emails for improving the click-through rate

One of the most effective ways of generating quality leads is email marketing. It can help you embed high-quality videos and improve the click-through rates. Even though embedding the videos into emails is tough, it can result in major success.


Have a clear CTA

If you think creating an engaging video isn’t enough then thinking of ways to hold the customer’s attention even after the end of the video is very important.

You should make sure that you are including an appropriate CTA or call-to-action at strategic points inside or even at the end of the video to persuade the visitors into performing specific tasks like buying the product.


We are Video Guru and we are masters of improving lead sales using promo videos. We have been in this business for a long time and we have helped some of the most reputed brands by creating engaging videos to help improve their marketing. The leads created by us will be creative, engaging, and qualified as we implement the combination of branding benefits along with high conversion rates.




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