What to look for when choosing a promotional video production company?

Promotional video production company

According to recent statistics, over 60% of the businesses are using video content marketing to promote their brand.

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Out of those businesses, 82% feel that video marketing is one of the most important parts of any business strategy. Video promos are the new additions to the promotion toolbox so it is understandable that you have your doubts but is it worth it?
Yes, it is. Using video promos for marketing has been used by everyone these days because it is a highly profitable and versatile digital marketing tool.

What are the services provided by Promo Video production services?

  • Promotional video production company specialization in 2D and 3D animation

The services you choose should have expertise in both 2D and 3D animation. Video marketing is essential to all the marketing strategies these days so the services you are hiring should be able to implement creative animation and have a command over 2D and 3D animation for getting your messages through to the audience.

  • Understand the business and always ask the right questions

The services you are hiring should understand all about your business and the competition you are facing from others. They must know how to ask the right questions and try to come up with the solutions to your problems. They should understand what message you want to portray and then do their best to come up with creative ways of promotion.


  • Wide variety of voice and music options

The stature of a video promo service can be easily measured by the variety of voice and music options they can provide. If there is a limited range of voice and music options, the promos can begin to sound same and after some time the audience will start losing interest. With a variety of voice and music options, the audience will get something new every time and it will keep them hooked to your business.


  • Price list for promo videos

The services should have a specific price list for the promo videos. The customers should know what they are getting and there should not be any hidden fees of any type. They should have different packages so that user has enough options to choose the package they are comfortable with.


  • Money back guarantee

The best video promo services should have an added feature of money back guarantee because it isn’t necessary that every customer will be satisfied by their services. If the customer doesn’t get what they want, they might want their money to be returned. Money back guarantee will also improve the image of the brand because customers will know they prefer customer satisfaction over money.


If you are looking for the best video promo services, you should definitely check out Video Guru. We aim to provide the best promo videos by offering a price list and choosing customer satisfaction over everything else. We are a team of 25 designers and animators and we have created more than 1000 motion graphic videos for reputed brands. We provide multiple packages that you can choose from while there is also added security with our money back guarantee feature.


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