Why Promo Videos are great as YouTube videos?

Promo videos for Youtube

Promo videos for Youtube – A great way to get your brand out there

As you all know, YouTube is the leading platform when it comes to marketing and promotion of your brand’s products and services. YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google and almost 90% of the Smartphone user’s worldwide use YouTube at least once a week.

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This staggering fact emphasizes the sheer impact YouTube has on the world of marketing and promotions. Promo videos are great as YouTube videos because the user is more likely to watch a short promo about a certain product than spend the same amount of time reading about it.

Did you start a YouTube channel? Do you publish videos regularly?

The amount of time you spend creating videos would be irrelevant if you do not market and promote your videos. Without promotion and marketing, there is a high chance that a lot of people would not be able to see the majority of the work.

However, YouTube video promotion is an art that can be learned by anyone. Here are some of the tips on using YouTube to promote your videos.

Organic views

Titles of your videos, description, and keywords are important for generating views. Here are some pointers that can be used to get great titles for promo videos.

Keep the title short and precise

If possible, add the current year

Make it catchy

Include keywords

Include emotion triggers

Capitalize the headline title


Hire influencers

If your business is struggling on YouTube, you can take help of influencers to promote your business and improve the traffic on your website. You can attract the influencers to help you by giving them incentives in the form of money, discounts, or free products of your brand. Developing a healthy relationship with the influencers will help your brand develop an image of what the product will be like.


Paid Campaign

Similarly, you can also use your YouTube channel to promote other brands. Creating this type of relationships with other brands will help you get their help when you need. This way, even their target audience can be made aware of your channel hence indirectly improving your customer base.


Great for branding

YouTube is an amazing platform for branding. You can basically create an image of what you want your brand to look like. This way, you can easily persuade the audience into having a certain opinion about your brand. YouTube is a low cost per view platform that can be afforded by anyone. You can use it to run your digital campaign and reach a potential audience of thousands or even millions.


If you are looking for the helping hands of a company that will help you create video promos as YouTube videos, then we are Video Guru are here for you. We have created thousands of creative promo videos for our clients that have resulted in great success. We have multiple formats and you can use each video in multiple missions to achieve the best possible results. We have a team of 25 designers and 1000s of voice and music to make sure all the promos do not come across as similar.


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