Welcome To Video Guru - We Would Love To Create A Professional Go-to-market Package For Your Start-up: Company Website + Pitch Deck + Explainer Video

A perfect marketing infrastructure for investors, partners and customers. 100% designed native code concept websites, investors and business pitch decks, and a wide variety of explainer video styles and concept. We've got all you need to get it started.

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100% Designed Native Code Websites

We're happy to Create a 100% designed WordPress or Wix Website. 100% fast code, without the use of templates, with maximum loading speed, full integration with search engines, scalability in future development of the site, and implementation of innovative technology extensions.

100% Designed Investor & Business Pitch Decks

We will be happy to create business presentations for any purpose and task: Investors, fundraising, business partners, product and brand launches and more. We create the presentations on PowerPoint and utilize the flexibility and capabilities to peak both in design and animation and of course at the finish level of the presentation.

100% Designed Explainer & Product Videos

A Professional team with over 1,000 videos for customers worldwide at your service to create any video style you want. 3D, 2D, Footage base and any other style you want. We specialize in Explainer Videos, Animated films, Product and Training videos.

We offer several styles at different animation finish levels. First and foremost, we specialize in creating 3D Animated videos, and we offer clients a real difference in both video content and visibility. We go down to the smallest details and offer very high-quality and competitive costs. We also offer a number of styles of 2D Animation videos, including character animations, motion graphics animations, and whiteboard animations.

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